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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

For Once

For once, my blood doesn’t run cold when school is in. For once, I enjoy the company. For once, I smile when I here my name in the hallways. For once, my heart doesn’t pick up it’s pace from fear but from joy. For once, I have a reason to welcome the new day. Because, for once, I have you. For once, I have the love from your eyes, and the happiness from your grin. For once, I have the warmth from your embrace to calm me, and the hope in your kiss that keeps me sane. For once, I’m enjoying my life a day at a time. For once, I know that someone really care for the real me. For once, I feel sure that I’ll always have someone who’ll listen. For once, I have someone who loves me in return. For once, there is someone who will stand up for me. For once, I have a single thought that will bring an instant smile to my face. For once, I know that I’ll never be alone again. Because, for once, I have you.
This is dedicated to the love in my life: Greg (sshh...don't tell anyone!)
P.S. This is the only POSITIVE poem that I'm planning on writing so don't get your hopes up.


  • At 8:29 PM, Blogger NavyBrat said…

    Good for you! I am glad you have someone new. That poem kinda describes how I feel about Danny, but we're still working at it... anywayz, you should write more happy ones. Even if they are all about Greg, it'll make you feel better! I liked it.


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